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The Sally Pumpkin
October 31, 2006

Check out this pumpkin that was shipped to the WTAE Channel 4 newsroom today for Halloween!

(Click on it to see a bigger image.)

Whose face is that? Hmmm, looks familiar, can’t quite place it … 🙂

Happy Halloween from Channel 4 Action News and Click here to check out some of the costume pictures you’ve been sending us.


October 27, 2006

Fantasy football . I can’t even decide what to order at a restaurant, much less decide whether to bench a Super Bowl quarterback like Tom Brady–just because somone on ESPN tells me to do it????? It is amazing how many women are now playing. And the NFL loves it. We are all watching games we would never turn on otherwise. The woman in the photo is Peggy Kunicki, our dayside assignments editor. it is a job generally regarded as the toughest job in the newsroom…They are masters at juggling crews, reporters, listening to police radios..Peggy is the Queen of Multi-tasking, but also a Fantasy Diva, leading both her leagues.

I didn’t understand this whole league thing, until the Tribune-Review asked me to join their group. Now I’ve got the bug. Rising early Saturday morning, to try to retrieve a player you stupidly dropped–only to find he is gone!!!!!! Then he goes on to have a CAREER DAY–for someone else’s team. Guy Junker says people come up to him all the time and ask for advice. So now I don’t feel so bad when I poll practically everyone in the Action Sports department. I just wish I took their advice more often..

The FoxSports reporter, Trenni Kusnierek, is in the Trib league, and three other leagues! I think she could win the whole thing, but Thoroughbred trainer, Tim Ritchey is a formidable opponent. Think about it..He evaluates equine athletes daily– runs some, rests others. I was so excited to learn he was doing this, and used the league as an excuse to call him and tell him how much I admire him, and Afleet Alex. Ritchey, a Pittsburgh native, and huge Steeler fan, trained the colt. That horse, and his jockey, Jermey Rose, provided us with one of the most breathtaking moments in the history of the Triple Crown. When Afleet Alex stumbled, Rose stayed so centered over him, and the colt gallantly recovered, to go on to win the Preakness, and the Belmont , after. Whatever the dark sides to horseracing..and there are a few, it is still a beautiful thing to watch these magnificent creatures thundering down the stretch…was I talking about football?

I always wanted to be a jockey…just grew too much—and lacked the courage!!!!

Hanging with Regis Philbin
October 23, 2006

The last time I did this, the oh-so-mighty Steelers had just won the Super Bowl, and our stalwart crew of Super Bowl reporters was sitting, happily, in hours and hours of turnpike traffic, and miles and miles of Terrible Towels!
Months later, I am still ambivalent about the culture of “blog,” but the managing editor of thepittsburghchannel has been sufficiently provocative to persuade me to try.
Speaking of Steelers, everyone keeps talking about bad calls, turnovers, missed coverage..and Michael Vick. Isn’t it just the Steelers’ luck that, arguably, the most athletic quarterback in the NFL had the best passing day of his life! Whatever the outcome, it was one exciting game to watch–a lot of gifted guys playing their hearts out..
Talk about gifted . Regis Philbin was in town a week ago, and about 650 of us had the good fortune to spend the evening with him.
He was gracious and funny, and he also sang for the crowd at Heinz Field. It was the 20th anniversary of the Artificial Heart Program at UPMC..and Regis fit in perfectly with all the patients, docs and UPMC staff, since he had a balloon angioplasty 14 years ago. The Chairwoman of the event, Leslie Merril McCombs, was nice enough to ask me to emcee, since I am a heart patient..and I also “tried” to interview Regis before the festivities started.. I say tried, because he was so clever, so witty, that I couldn’t stop laughing– even when he was ridiculing me for asking about his new CD without having listened to it. So I shot back that I was so sorry that my alma mater, Michigan, had so soundly defeated his beloved Notre Dame..We used some of our back-and-forth on TV, but I wish I could have shown you his whole performance on stage..I was at the table that included Mayor Ravenstahl, his beautiful wife,Erin, and County Executive Dan Onorato.

Regis was the kind of “funny” that you can’t re-tell — you had to be there..All I can say, is that he got a lot of women on stage to see who would replace Kelly, and Dan was laughing so hard and loudly, that I was sick just laughing at him. One woman talked about getting a pie when she bought her necklace..Another had on patterned stockings, and Regis said they must have gotten caught in the dryer. Erin(that is she with Regis in the picture) was almost fell off her chair from laughing. Regis also targeted her husband-“How old is he? 14?!” then he started making fun of the way the Mayor’s hair sticks up straight. Luke loved it. Belly laughs all around–they are good for the soul, especially when they are for a good cause.