I am a horrible blogger. My apologies for not updating this, but the technology of putting pictures in here is daunting, and I procrastinate –kinda like a paper–Remember pulling an all nighter because you just couldn’t bring yourself to start.
Talk about a start. HOW ‘BOUT THEM STEELERS. I know . It is only one win. But it could be the start to salvaging a season. A costly win for Troy. I interviewed him the end of last week, for a piece this week, and he was practicing so hard. I am sure his wife,Theodora was terrified watching Dr. Maroon talking to him on the sideline. They are such a fabulous couple, both very strong personalities. More on that after the piece runs.
Last week, a bunch of us had a raucous, good time cooking Japanese steakhouse-style food for the generous souls willing to eat it at Nakama. It was all for Cystic Fibrosis. Several of the CF kids were there, and their families..and some of the Steelers showed up to help out–the day after that ugly loss to Denver. Initially, it was only Jeff Reed, who came with his parents from North Carolina…and he was, well, low-key–polite, but not effusive. Then Hines, Clark Haggans, Ryan
Clark, and Desea Townsend all arrived to cook, and the guests who had bought the tables were elated. Mike Clark, Wendy and I were there, and there were a lot of other sports and news personalities, as well as former Steelers, and Pitt basketball coaches Jamie Dixon and Agnes Beranato. That’s Agnes and Jamie with us, and the other guy is Ron Coder, a former NFL player , Nittany Lion, and current Christian counselor for athletes at Pitt. I cooked with Hines and Clark, we all made a mess, and I dropped butter all over Clark’s shirt. Accidentally, of course.
Clark also brought his mother, (She is not in the picture. Those folks with us are former Steeler Craig Bingham and WAMO’s Kiki), a veterinarian from California. She is fascinating, having gone to vet school when very few women were accepted. She told me she had wanted to be an equine vet, but back then, women couldn’t break into it. Today, I think there are more women in vet schools then men.
Speaking of vets, I had to take my dog to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic, Saturday night. He had back surgery just over two weeks ago, and he decided to leap out of my SUV(instead of waiting for me to lift him out) when he spotted a dog buddy. Within 5 minutes he was unable to walk, and I freaked. They are great at that place(it is where rescuers took the cat shot with an arrow)..I was wailing like an idiot when I brought him in, saying it was all my fault. Actually, it was. The vet techs were so compassionate. As were the other pet owners. Waiting rooms are tremendous stress relievers. Sharing spots–and the calming effect is the same, whether you are panicked over your child, your parent—even your dog.
By the way, he is walking today– a little wobbly, but walking, nonetheless.


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