Happy Holidays!!!!! Mike Clark and I helped flick the switch on Light Up Night Friday night, along with a young contest winner, who didn’t know what she wants for Christmas. She was so pretty, but nervous. Refreshing, in this age of non-stop advertising, that a child doesn’t know what she wants from Santa.
MIke is so funny. The podium was too big for her, so he lifted her up (and she was not small) and rested her feet on the shelf of the podium. I was waiting for it all to fall over. Then, I think I said “Let’s switch the flick!” instead of “Let’s flick the switch.” Then I tried again, and kept screwing it up..Please, give me a brain!!!!!!!
There were thousands filling Liberty Avenue–Some of the Zambelli “fireworks” family were there for the show.
We were so close, you could not only see them,you could feel them. The city was gorgeous. And Mayor Luke and Erin were there. She is becoming more and more comfortable in her role as Mayoral First Lady, and is really an asset for him. Gracious, beautiful. And truly genuine.

Talk about genuine — and different: Troy Polamalu. I cry a lot now (it’s something that happens to women my age) and he always says something that makes me cry. Last time, it was when he explained why this was now his “home.” His first real home. In this last interview, it was an eloquent characterization of the people of Western Pennsylvania. I thought of it as we looked out at all those faces on Light Up Night—at least half of them decked out in Steeler scraves, hats and jackets. The length of the TV interview I did precluded runninng his entire answer. But he admires, and identifies with the stalwart, solid, and persevering soul of the “blue collar” face of this region. And trust me, Troy doesn’t say things for their PR value. He hates being interviewed, although he is gracious to a fault. Let’s hope he doesn’t push himself to come back from that concussion too soon. Oh, and that scene where I was laughing. He was talking about his wife’s comments about his play after a game.

Have you checked out the Aviary on the North Side recently? This adorable guy is “Franklin,” as in Benjamin. He is only two months old, hatched at the Aviary, and is a Spectacled Owl. The trainers had to take the egg, because the parents didn’t know what to do with the last one, and they lost it..Have you seen anything so cute? The trainer says owls are great hunters, but not very smart. So much of their brain is taken up with their incredible sight.

And the young man with me was Alex, the son of a friend of mine. He is only eight, and is fascinated with birds. The first time I met him, he started jumping up and down talking about how he loved “chicks.” I thought he was a little young to be talking about girls that way, and his mother said he was talking about baby chicks..The bird kind. She told me the teacher had called her and asked her to try to get him to stop talking about baby chicks.. He knows all about parrots, and so we spent last Saturday at the Aviary. They have group feedings, where visitors can hold up worms and fish into the air, and the birds swoop down and take it from you..You gotta try it..Cool. Also, Alex’s mother works with, and is good friends with Erin Ravenstahl. Six degrees, huh??

Finally…GO BLUE!!!!! and thoughts and prayers for Coach Bo Schembechler. I was at U of M in the mid-70’s and loved that OSU-MICH rivalry he helped to create. It was a great time.


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