Finally. Think the Steelers could win out? With all these injuries,it seems unlikely.
Selfishly, I am so delighted the Pittsburgh defense stepped up, since I stuck with them this week on my fantasy team. I was a little torn there at the end. Wanted the shut-out for the fantasy points, but you couldn’t help but hope Bruce Gradkowski would complete that pass in the end zone with his family watching. It seemed everytime the cameras sought them out, he threw an interception. They still have to be so proud.

Later, Fox made quite the production of the BCS annoucement.You just knew they would not leave Michigan at #2 and allow a re-match. GIVE US A PLAY-OFF SYSTEM! But it doesn’t help that no one has seen MIchigan play since Novbember 18. Now watch USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl..I am sure Max Starks is pretty happy..He went to Florida, and roomed with Bears QB, Rex Grossman. Max is great, but I gotta cheer for those Buckeyes. It makes MIchigan look better if OSU beats them soundly. And Demetrius will be delirious. Yes, he studied his weather in Columbus.

Have you seen that Heisman commercial with the mascots running down the street? Incredibly well done. There is something that looks like a huge boulder careening along. IT’S A BUCKEYE! . There is a wolverine, but you can barely see him.

Speaking of commericals, remember the series of Southwest Airline commericals with the slogan,”Need to get away?”. My very sentiments the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Some friends had invited me to the Penguins game against the Rangers. My friends were invited into the owner’s box, so I got to go along. The still-injured Sidney Crosby and Ryan Malone were there, along with some other players..We just said hello, and settled into our seats to watch. The Pens were leading 1-0, when my friend sat down next to me. I turned to speak to her, just as Jagr put the puck in the net. In that moment, when my head was turned, my mind turned off, and all I saw was the red light..Not o


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