Sorry. I am being chided for leaving that last post up for so long. Vacation, you know. I was a little surprised at the response to the “snow/polar bear” blog. I wasn’t expressing an opinion about what is causing the warming trend, but you would have thought I suggested that Santa Claus was responsible. That is why I am reticent to do these blogs. News anchors are really not supposed to have public opinions. At least, about issues. But maybe that was ten years ago, and blogs, among other things, have changed that. I will admit, I often read these to my sister, and she will lecture me,”No, you can’t say that.” No, no, no.
Ha! I didn’t read her the snow blog–I’m sure she would have liked to exercise her “younger sister” superiority and tried to deep-six it. But I love her.

So on the safe side, some catching up and “thank you’s” I didn’t have a chance to write before I flew the coop for a while (not that work is a coop). This is a picture of the Hempfield High School Band and their new director, Brian Tychinski. I read “Twas The Night Before Christmas” with them before Christmas..They were fabulous, and the band parents could not have been kinder. One of them moved my car with my two dogs in it. Quite brave.

Then there was Max, the therapy dog. He was delightful, and I just wanted to encourage people looking for a way to brighten someone’s day—if you love dogs, and you have the time, a therapy dog class at The Humane Society is a great idea.

And a “thanks” to the Sports Department at The Trib, and especially Jerry Dipaolo, for making that Fantasy Football League such a blast. I am watching the real play-offs now, and some of “my” players are still doing well–like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark!
Boy, did Freddy Sanchez crush me in the championship. And I am thankful I chose to play in a golf tourney and let Jerry draft my team, instead of the computer. He got me Tom Brady.

Speaking of Brady, he’s going home(to super-model!) and our own Tony Dungy is going to the Super Bowl. One of the nicest, most God-fearing men you will ever meet. He was so gracious last year, the day before the big Monday Night Football game in Indy. He actually did an interview with me right after practice, and remembered me from when he had been an assistant here. A week or so later, he so tragically lost his son. I think if the Steelers can’t be there, a lot of Steeler fans are delighted this former Steeler is represented at the Super Bowl.

And talk about irony, or coincidence, or serendipity (as Joe DeStio put it). One of Dungy’s assistants is now our head coach. He seems cut from the same mold, but who knows? And any further comment would be an opinion—and my sister might tell me to eliminate it. Siblings!


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