Okay, I am a week late on the Home Show. But this post is about one part of the Home Show we don’t think about until we get there, and it’s a transition to another big Convention Center event set for next week-end– the Western Pa Kennel Club dog show.
I actually had a dog lover tell me she has never been to a dog show, having only seen “Best In Show”(screamingly funny movie), and she worried that all the people were weird. Some are, some aren’t. I always go, to people-watch, as well as dog- watch. But, I go more to shop. They have great vendors for dog beds, toys, and food products.And I got a gorgeous bronze lamp with two Deerhounds cavorting (if you have ever seen Deerhounds play, they do just that–cavort–they are so incredibly graceful), since I have owned two of them. They are my favorite breed.

There are also shelter representatives, and entertaining agility and obedience competitions. Nothing like watching a miniature dachsund tear around a scaled-down agility course.

Anyway, I am really far afield now. Back to the Home Show. One of the most crowded aisles is where all the shelters and pet rescue booths are located. Booths for birds, Greyhounds, Great Danes, and containment systems. I like all the chocolates and cookies you get with a donation.

These Greyhounds from Going Home Greyhounds are with the nephew of one of our legendary photographers, Gary O’Data (Gary’s been at WTAE LONGER than I have). His nephew is Jon, and Jon’s wife is Judy. One of these dogs is theirs, the other is up for adoption. These former racing dogs make wonderful companions–they are docile inside, but love to run like mad outside. But don’t let them run off-lead unless it is within an enclosure–you will most certainly lose them. Steel City Greyhounds was also represented at the Home Show.

And isn’t this a face you could love—I’m talking about the dog, or course. His name is Samson, and he belongs to the volunteers at the Dane Connection booth–a Great Dane rescue organization. Not surprisingly, Danes end up in shelters, and rescue situations, because people buy them without knowing how much work a giant breed is. I once knew a guy who bought one because he wanted a tall dog that fit his stature, and matched his decor. That decor was black and white, so naturally, he got a Harlequin Great Danes. Go figure.

Now this little guy was one of the last puppies up for adoption that week-end at the Humane Society booth. I am sure he was snapped up before the week-end was over–His name was Brutus, and he was just adorable.

This Cattle Dog mix is a little bit older, but no less adorable. She was at the Animal Friends booth, and I do so hope someone took her home.

I would also like to use this forum to thank all the adopters and people who fostered animals from the Humane Society on the North Side when they re-did the floor. Kelly Frey did a touching live shot with “Bear”, whose coat matched her hair perfectly, and would have been great for her and her husband, had he not just been adopted. Kelly also put out the word on our in-house computers to alert people who might be able to foster. It is amazing who steps up when the need is pressing.

I have just watched the piece Wendy wrote about the couple in Munhall who lost both their Goldens to this pet food nightmare. It was beautifully done. Watching their pain, I am reminded once again of the quote by the famous nature author, Roger Caras. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” I also remember one of the documentaries he narrated. He recounted a Native American legend about how people and dogs became so close. I “think” it goes like this. When the Great Spirit was creating the difference between humans and the other animals, an abyss began to form. As it widened, and there seemed no way to bridge the gap, the dog leaped across, and stood next to man.


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