Training dogs, recognizing colleagues, and a special film festival right here in Pittsburgh.

First, I want to address the piece I did with Val Porter and the dog she and her boyfriend, Tim adopted from a shelter outside of Allegheny County. I am sure some trainers saw the piece and felt that Jeff Woods of Misty Pines overly agitated Geno. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. We needed to see what Geno had been like his first visit last week, and the piece, which was originally intended for the 5 pm news, which allows for a longer format, was moved to 11 . When I first wrote it, I had several places where Geno did exactly what he was supposed to, remained calm when Jeff hit the table with his hand, and kept eating his treats. They took too long, and I had to edit them. I also had edited out the stupid barking I was doing, but I was encouraged to return it to the story. I am the one who requested Jeff do the pizza man delivery. But , in fairness to me, throwing a lot of different stimuli at the dog showed that he had multiple problems–both dominance and fear.

Jeff Woods is one of the most respected trainers in the area, and the shelter people often send problem dogs to him. It was a shelter director who recommended him to Val and Tim. MIsty Pine’s use of agility work with these dogs is genius, and I have decided to take my one dog, who is getting a little bored, to some of his classes. By the way, Geno is doing great, learning fast, and on the road to being a great dog, the dog he should have been—except for the thoughtless people in his life before Val and Tim..

This week, one of our own at WTAE walked away from the Golden Quill Awards with an armful of awards. Bob Mayo is a class act, and so deserved all the kudos he received . He is brilliiant, unflappable, and full of integrity. Not only did he win for spot news with the Passing of Power (the swearing in of Mayor Ravenstahl), but he won for another piece about the late Bob O’conner riding around with Pittsburgh cabbies.

These are his two photographers for the pieces, John Hoffman and John McKee. Then he won the Best In Show award–The Ed King Memorial Award, and finally- The Servivce to Journalism Award. We at WTAE couldn’t have been prouder and more thankful that he is on our team!!!

And a suggestion. If you are looking for some interesting films, check out the Harris, Regent Square , and the Melwood Theatre for the Silkscreen Film Festival. These are photos from the Gala last week-end kicking off the festival that lasts thru May 20. They are Asian films, and the festival is in its second year.

The gala included fabulous Asian entertainers, like this koto group I am introducing with festival organizer Katie Jones.

And thanks to the man who helped begin it all last year, Harish Saluja, He is the man in white on the left of this photo of all the principals. Last year, the Wall Street Journal recognized Silkscreen as one of the speciality film festivals worth checking out around the country. Just another example of Pittsburgh’s diversity…go check it out at


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