Beth Ostrosky: The Future Mrs. Howard Stern

This is a blog I failed to post before the U.S. Open. One of the nicest things about the May ratings period was having the opportunity to interview Beth Ostrosky, the fiance of Howard Stern, and a native of Fox Chapel. She was as bright, and funny as she was beautiful. She is a strong, independent personality, with a huge heart, and a deep love of animals.

This is Bianca, the bulldog who belongs to Beth and Howard.

Beth’s mother, who was with her at the interview, has become quite the Howard fan, as have Beth’s two handsome brothers, and her father, a retired oral surgeon, who was a former Pitt Panthers football player. Initially, he had been a regular listener to Stern, but Beth said it took some coaxing to bring him around when he learned that his own daughter was in love with the shock jock.

She certainly held her own co-hosting The View, which happened at Barbara Walters’ invitation. Walters is a friend of Stern’s. Judy Ostrosky (who is as beautiful as her daughter) and I agreed that Barbara would not have asked Beth to do it unless she saw potential in Beth.

Beth is already hosting a poker show on Spike TV, but she would love the right kind of vehicle on Animal Planet. She is deeply involved in the country’s largest animal rescue shelter, and is also a correspondent for the entertainment show, Extra.

It is always so refreshing to meet celebrities who are not jaded by their fame. Beth constantly reminds you that she had a great career as a model, but her relationship with Howard opened many more doors in recent years. Trust me, she has the talent, and ability, to keep them swinging open, and it couldn’t happen to a more delightful person.


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