Here We Go Again

Well, how long has it been? I stopped the blogs for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, because I could never keep up–procrastination is my M.O. But as our on-air people all become involved in making appearances, and working in the non-profit arena, there are not enough cameras to cover all the events we attend. Subsequently, people who work tirelesslly to have their passions and causes noticed, go without TV coverage. 

So  I decided to try this again. The fact that I made the decision a month ago, and now have to play catch-up with a boat-load of photos, is just indicative of my laziness, and avoidance of technology. I am still a bit leery of putting in these photos. So here goes, a photo that is an embarrassment to me, and proof that I made the right decision not going into the theatre. Ha!


Oh, my goodness. It worked! I enter this for two reasons. Too thank the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for letting us all become part of such a remarkable performance, and watch from the wings as an extraordinarily talented group of dancers graced the stage of the Benedum for a trip down the Rabbit Hole, thru the Looking Glass, and into the Wonderful World of Alice. This haughty look on my face was my attempt at appearing queenly-but Helen Mirren I am not!!!!! I look like I am constipated.  Or a real sourpuss. Kelly, Andrew and Jake (love having him as MY King) look positively smashing–while I just look smashed. 

Here’s a little better one with the wonderfully wicked Queen of Hearts, and her King. I had forgotten that they play croquet with rolled up hedgehogs. 


This ballet was choreographed by Derek Deane, a friend of Princess Diana, who had been a patron of the ballet. The costumes we were wearing are works of art, and the gowns are worth $3000 dollars a piece. 

Just this last week-end, Kelly and I got to dress up, not with dancers, but with dogs. It was a fashion show benefitting the Western Pa Humane Society, and Kelly walked her adopted Chuck–Chuck with the laughing eyes. He is lovable, but intimidating. The audience loved it. 

Here he is with Kelly and her friend, Paula. I walked a dog named Eddie Bones. He had been severely abused and starved–found in the Hill District. Now he is full of life, well-behaved.

And the night before, I got to call bingo–Bow Wow Bingo– for Animal Friends.

This is Max, a 7 year old Boxer that someone gave up in Greene County. I called several days later, to make sure he had been adopted, and he had. He seemed so laid back, so dignified, but sort of lost, wondering why the people who loved him had given him away. I know it is anthropomorphizing, but have you seen that Pedigree commercial with the German Shepherd hanging his head out the car window, then looked confused in a cage. I sobbed. Well, Max has a new family. BINGO!



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