Steelers and a Caring Place

I feel like a hamster stuck on a revolving wheel and I am going nowhere. So the next couple of days, I am going to post a number of blogs  about events that have happened the last month. At least that is my intent. Best laid plans…

A week ago tomorrow morning, I was out at Southpointe for the Hoge- Ward- Stark Celebrity Golf Classic. I think it was the 16th time these Caring Team Co-Captains have hosted the tournament to benefit the Highmark Caring Foundation, which includes the Caring Place. The Steelers have been so supportive of the effort, and, as a board member of the Foundation, and a Caring Team Co-Captain with the guys, I am grateful. 

Ben Roethlisberger has come out every year he has been with the team, and I caught up with him and Merrill Hoge as they were signing in. I think I asked him a stupid question here, and he always has a clever come-back when you do that. On a more serious note, both men have lost parents as children, and understand the importance of a  safe place for children to work through the confusion and conflicting feelings of grief. 

Max, shown here with his co-hosts, Merrill and Hines, is another one who understands the many facets of grief. His family owned funeral homes, and he grew up learning how to comfort those traumatized by loss. HInes had just gotten back from South Korea where he was continuing to set up his foundation to help biracial children in the country of his birth. 

Speaking of kids, these are children from Paynter Elementary in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District. Back in April (I think it was April), I went out to congratulate the entire 370 students there on raising over 63 hundred dollars for the Caring Foundation. And a special thanks to the two teachers who guided them in their efforts, Jodie Noel and Reita Melvin. 

And this is another valuable volunteer for the Caring Place. Suzie Campolong started the Deloitte Run for Your Heart six years ago, after a friend of hers died of breast cancer, and the woman’s family found solace and help at the Caring Place. The run was also in April, out at South Park, and it has raised 50 thousand dollars its inception.

Almost 400 runners and walkers turned out. Even Judy O’Connor, the late mayor’s wife, was there. She has been a volunteer at the Caring Place for years, and Bob was instrumental in securing the space for the center in Downtown Pittsburgh.  It was a labor of love and commitment for so many. And stay tuned– there will be a new Caring Place in the North Hills soon. 



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