pens, penguins and DVE

The last time we won the Cup, these two guys were together on the team. Now, coincidentally, they are both hockey broadcasters. Bob Errey for the Pens, and Larry Murphy, for the Redwings. Murphy is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and played on two more Stanley Cup winning teams–yes, you guessed it. The Redwings. Bob was kind enough to do a sit-down interview with me before game Three, and that night, I took a photo of the two of them, just after their pre-game show on the NHL Network. Larry had to take a break from signing autographs. Pens fans had no trouble recognizing him. I have to tell you , I really miss listening to Bob and Paul Steigerwald doing the TV games. Not that Eddie Olczyk isn’t great on NBC. I was in the studio at DVE this morning, taking Billy Gardell and the guys breakfast sandwiches, and they were interviewing him. He was talking about how he tries to stay objective, but he has played for both teams,and broadcasted and coached for the Pens. I think his Pens ties are pretttty deep.

DVE had a great show this morning. Mike Prisuta has done and outstanding job of coverage, and this morning they also had Mike Lange, Phil Bourque, Paul Steigerwald, and Gene Collier

(this is Gene with his son Sean at the DVE Pep Rally), to name just a few. Gene and Billy are at the Improv this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and I can’t say enough about how screamingly funny they both are. Good tension reliever.

Val Porter has not shaved her legs since the playoffs began–her playoff beard. These days, now that I am older, it really wouldn’t make much difference for me…You 50-something ladies know what I mean. hahahaha.

Of course, our guys, JB and Guy have done a fabulous job–make a great team. And the other guys in this picture , Paul Alexander and Dan Potash are insightful, and entertaining. The city is chock-full of good hockey analysis.

The guy standing on Paul’s right is Val’s fiance—Tim Mackin. Wonderful guy. Wish there were another one like him for me.

And here is our good luck charm for tonight–Game 5. Today a penguin chick hatched at the Pittsburgh Zoo, right while our camera was there. Now that is a good omen for a win, and a trip back to the Motor City. GO PENS!!!!!!!


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