Growing up Tiger And Baby Elephant Wait


Ahhhh. A dog’s life. But this lab, Bella, has had a furry, sharp-clawed wrinkle thrown into her life of late. Bella belongs to the lead carnivore keeper at the Pittsburgh Zoo, Kathy Suthard. And Kathy has been taking the new Amur tiger cub home every night. The cub, now two months old and weighing 13 pounds, still needs round the clock care, since it was rejected by it’s mother after it was born on Mother’s Day. The introduction to Bella is to help him bond to other animals–and not humans. Apparently, he is quite a handful, and he loves to play with Bella, climbing on her back. Bella lunges at the cub to wrestle, but he has sharp claws now, and she doesn’t like the back climbing, so she shakes him off.

He has now moved out of  his crying stage, now  vocalizing with small roars.  It won’t be long before the young tiger can take care of himself, and then the Zoo will consider introducing him to his father, Globus. Globus, coincidentally, was also hand-raised. Consequently, he is quite gentle for a large, male tiger. I am sure that time will be conflicting for Kathy, who is, now, essentially, the cub’s mother.

Speaking of mothers, a lot of people are asking about the prospective mother elephants, Nan and Moja. The word is, they are fine, and right in line with what is normal gestation for African elephants–20 to 24 months. Right now, they are both at 21 months.  

About those Arctic blogs. I am still waiting for some more pictures, and I should start some posts tonight or tomorrow. All I can say is that walruses are AMAZING!!!!!!


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