Large Happenings-Elephants and Steelers


FINALLY!!!!!!! A picture of the new baby. She is just minutes old here, and I am told her mother, Nan, is just being wonderful with her new offspring. Willie Theison, Barbara Baker, Amos Morris, Connie George and Tracy Gray all have been putting in over 32 hours without sleep, waiting for this beautiful pachyderm package to arrive. And there is another one on the way! Willie tells me he doesn’t think Moja will deliver in the next couple of days, so there is time for a bit of a breather, and for the herd to be introduced to the new member. But I hear matriarch, Tash is already expectantly touching the new baby with her trunk, thru the bars separating their sleeping quarters.


You can see Mammal Curator Amos Morris on the left, and Elephant Manager Willie Theison on the right, just making sure the still-unsteady calf doesn’t topple over. Not sure when the public will be able to see her, but, if the inquiries I have received about the impending birth are any indication, the elephant exhibit will be packed when she has her debut. By the way, these are great photos by the Zoo’s photographer, Paul Selvaggio, who is such a gifted artist.



This is a stretch putting these two “happenings” into the same blog, but I am woefully behind, and events here in Pittsburgh and at work have prevented me from posting photos from the Arctic trip that I had promised before I left. 

That said, Mr. Rooney was kind enough to grant one-on-one’s to a couple of us from the television media today. I had heard a number of people declare on Tuesday, that these rumblings of ownership change were much ado about nothing. After talking to Mr. Rooney today, and hearing and reading recent reports, that is just not true. The tension is palpable as you talk to people within the organization, and the dynamics and events are taking on the look of a Shakespearean drama. 

I told Mr. Rooney today that I came here, in part, because of the Steelers, and how his father had promoted this city on national television during the pre-game show before the Super Bowl against Los Angeles. Change is inevitable in every aspect of existence. And there has been talk for years about how the changing of the guard might happen with this franchise. But that is the funny thing about change. You know it is going to happen. But you are so often surprised when it finally does.  From what we have been reporting, I think most people in the region are hoping that this change leaves the city with the essence of the Rooney family still inextricably connected to this storied franchise.


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