Monday Night Memories And A PSO TD


It was a costly Monday night win against the hated Baltimore Ravens. O-lineman, Kendall Simmons out for the year. Rookie RB Rashard Mendenhall out for the year, Willie Parker still injured, and Big Ben hardly practicing with that bum shoulder. But, after the game, linebacker, Larry Foote, shown her with his adorable daughter, Jalyn, is still smiling.

Were expectations low, going into Jacksonville? Probably, at least on the part of pundits and fans. First, they beat us here at home in the playoffs last year.  Two years ago, on a Monday night, Ben was coming off a motorcycle accident and an emergency appendectomy. Jon Burton and I were there to watch a bizarre 3-0 victory by the Jags.

What a joy it was to watch Ben, Hines  and the O-line step up, and Mewelde Moore was impressive in his start. And that last blitz by the defense just snuffed out any last minute comeback. Now I can’t wait to see them take on the Giants (who are smokin’ right now), here at Heinz field. First the Steelers have to go to Cincy, and the Bungles didn’t look too bad against Dallas Sunday.

Speaking of Heinz, I was at Heinz Hall on September 28, for the concert with violinist, Joshua Bell and new music director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Manfred Honeck (this image is from the website, outside in). I was in tears. The Mahler symphony was amazing! And Bell was superb with the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. I was engaged to the one of the musicians over a decade ago (he wisely married someone else, but we are still great friends.) and he is just delighted with Honeck. Honeck is a man of great faith in God, great passion, and great empathy. He was an orchestra musician himself, before he became a conductor. A violist, with the Vienna Philharmonic. 

I interviewed him September 22, after the opening Gala, and his excitement about being here with one of the greatest Orchestras in the world is infectious. Check them out this season. It is an unforgettable experience. 

And another apology. I have been setting up a lot of new stories recently, so have not been able to blog. But I am catching up, and am going to be going back months to send a shout out to people who have made this year very special for me.


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