A Washington Win And A Batch Of Steelers


Boy, is this a long time ago. Seems like a lifetime. This was in the satellite parking lot, in front of FedX Field, in Landover, MD for the Redskins game on Election Eve. That is our intrepid Operations Director, Dan Henniger, who has been with Steelers Primetime, now Black and Gold Primetime, since the very beginning. 15 years. He is indispensable. JB and I were freezing at this point. But amazed at all the Steelers fans filing by, and I was just waiting for one of them to scream an obscenity on TV. But they were cool. I look like a huge banana in that coat. 

It was so interesting.  Deshea Townsend intercepted Jason Campbell, who hadn’t had an INT all season, and we interviewed him after the game. Before we went live, Deshea looked at me and asked, “This means Obama wins, right?”  History has shown that when the visiting team wins  in Washington, right before the presidential election, the party out of power wins. I think I am remembering that correctly. 


Obama’s victory was still a big topic of conversation a week later at Charlie Batch’s fundraiser for his foundation, Best of the Batch. It is the second year for the event at Bossa Nova, and practically the whole team comes out to play poker, ping pong and pool with paying guests. I was supposed to play ping pong, but it was pretty bad. Ike Taylor and James Harrison took time out for a photo op, just a week after my interview with James, who just may get Defensive MVP in the AFC if he keeps it up. Ike is having a great year, as well. Back to James, I was a bit nervous about interviewing  him. Just because he has that glowering look that makes him seem so ominous. But he couldn’t have been more cooperative. img_0831And these guys were pretty cooperative. That is Janelle Hall and her sister, who is just as pretty as Janelle. Then the irrepressible Jimmy Krenn, his partner, Randy Baumann , another guy (I can’t remember, I should be shot) , and Ben.  Ben also donated his personal box at the Heinz Field and it went for a ton of money.  The work that Charlie has done with the youth of Homestead, and the whole region, is exemplary. Talk to anyone who is involved in mentoring, and they have nothing but praise for him.


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