Thanks for Myron–An All-Star Turn-out

It was a triumphant evening for Myron, one of many after the legendary broadcaster retired from the Steelers radio booth. Today, the day before Thanksgiving, Steelers President Art Rooney II headlined a group of speakers who paid tribute to Myron’s contributions to the city and region that so loved him. Art talked about how we tend to move on too quickly in our society, and forget those we have lost. And he talked of how Myron had brought the players to the fans, in a way that no one else could.  The speakers also included Myron’s daughter, Elizabeth, still grieving, only nine months after Myron’s death. She reminded us all of that  Thanksgiving Day a year ago, when he entered the hospital, and really never recovered.


She is shown here, being interviewed by Stan Savran and Guy Junker, who did their ESPN show from the Heinz Field Club Lounge,  the site of the luncheon. 

The event was hosted by the Pittsburgh chapters of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and benefitted Myron’s beloved charities–The Autism Society and Allegheny Valley School, where Danny, Myron’s son, still lives. Dan Torisky , who has been a big part of Myron’s charity golf tournament, pulled it all together, and Foge Fazio, former Pitt and NFL coach, and co-chair for the golf outing, served as co-emcee with me. Franco Harris, Randy Grossman and Craig Bingham were the former Steelers who came and regaled us with stories, along with media types like the PG’s Gene Collier (screamingly funny), Ellis Cannon, Guy Junker, Andrew Stockey, and Adam Lynch. Andrew, Adam and I joined some of the guests for the photos being taken with the fifth Super Bowl trophy won by the Steelers. It was amazing how many lined up for the chance to be close to football excellence.


300 people were kind enough to take time out of the busiest travel day of the year, and spend several hours remembering  the little man, with the big voice, who spent his life making Pittsburgh sports such a special part of our lives. It was such a success, that they plan to do it again next year. I, for one, will be there.


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