Tampa Team Soaking Up The Bowl

img_1156Arriving in Tampa. Beautiful airport, beautiful weather–a welcome sight after a week of anticipation. We have a great crew, some of whom drove ther 13 hours down here, bringing our equipment and vehicles.   Dan Henninger, a veteran of one Super Bowl, and all of our Black and Gold Primetimes for the last 12 years is our fearless leader.

img_11591Andrew Stockey was had only been with WTAE for a year or so when he was with me in Phoenix for Super Bowl XXX. And this trip, we also have Guy Junker, doing double duty for us and ESPN Radio 1250, Marci Cipriani (who used to work here ). Our intrepid photographers include Dan Pratt. T.J. Haut, Andy Cunningham, Cary Toaso, and our engineer, Greg Kornides. Pratt, Henninger, Stockey, and Kornides were all in Detroit, and the memories of that frigid, gridlocked city are not pleasant—although, the end certainly was. We are all very lucky to be here, but it is hard long work, and sleep is something you do when you get home. img_11631Just love this photo. a GREAT BIG BEN and a little Andrew. Just kidding. After we got our luggage, and rental cars, Andrew and I drove to the Tampa Convention Center, which is NFL Media Center, to get our credentials. This massive poster is in what they call radio row. It had a great coffee shop, a Madden game center –I took some photos of Andrew playing someone for a few minutes–check out Andrew’s blog to see them (he is so much more diligent than I am in posting-haha), and then we actually played pool as we waited for the rest of the bunch.


About the only play we will be doing for the next nine days. More tonight, on chatting with Mike and Mike Monday morning, and hanging at the Steeler’s hotel.


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