Media Dominates The Super Bowl

dsc00600It is stating the obvious–and when don’t most of us do that- to say the Super Bowl is a football game. But another cliche is that it is a spectacle. And who makes it so? The media, of course. So much so, that if you are not interviewing players, you are interviewing other members of the media. It’s incestuous. Another cliche!  But I love interviewing some of these guys of whom I am, admittedly, a fan. These two men are on the top of the list. It is probably my fourth interview with Mike and Mike (Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic), the morning duo for ESPN, including the Super Bowl in Detroit. They have also done remotes from Pittsburgh on a number of occasions–Steeler Monday Nights and the U.S. Open, for example. They have been together for 10 years, but I met Mike Golic when his first morning partner was Tony Bruno. Tony is an old friend, who actually discovered me when I was first starting out, when he heard my voice in a small town radio report. Because of that, I got my first job as a radio reporter. So, when Tony and Mike came to Pittsburgh for a remote, Tony actually put me on the air. 


How things change. Tony left ESPN, moved on to Fox Sports Radio, then Sporting News Radio ( I think he is now with an L.A. radio station),  and Mike and Mike have become wildly popular , not just on radio, but simulcasting on ESPN2.  They come off like an old married couple, arguing, poking fun at each other…But their real gift is putting sports in a cultural context–always reminding us the role it plays, or should play, in American life. And this week, it’s place is fascinating, overblown, ridiculous, and touching. That is why we in the media love it.  I am running one day behind, so I will post all the photos from media day either tonight, or tomorrow morning.


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