Super Bowl Eve

img_1189Voted Coach of the Year, by the fans, online. Today, Mike Tomlin invited the families of the players to watch the final walk-through. Impressive move. Right now, I am watching Merril Hoge, who has been our analyst for our Super Bowl specials, and he and Trent Dilfer are making what would be their motivational speeches the night before the game. I am so happy for Merril–he has a much larger role on ESPN now, and deserves it.

Our crew is beat, but pleased that things have been clicking for all of us on the WTAE team . It’s been rainy, and cold (of course nothing like it has been in Pittsburgh. Winter seems positively relentless).

img_1192We had to write and edit for two days in the bowels of the hotel where the Steelers were staying.   As is custom with the night’s before a Super Bowl game, they go to an undisclosed location. We have also moved our show, to outside Raymond James Stadium, and will be there from 7am Sunday, until one am on Monday. img_1217That is me on the left, with the hood (just trying mightily to keep warm), writing my last piece for the 11 pm news on Saturday night. Photojournalist ,Dan Pratt is on one side of me, and Cary Toaso on the other. Marci Cipirani is in the right-hand corner. We are in the domestic Satellite compound, and it is where we will be all day before the Game.img_1204And this is what that Game is all about. Well, a symbol of it. I took this right before Tomlin’s last news conference prior to the Super Bowl. Media members were all scambling to get a photo with the trophy. There is one of both Andrew and me, but Andrew is blocking the prize. And the next picture I will post before tomorrow, is for good luck. I posted a blog the day of the AFC Championship, with photos from Antarctica, especially one with a Terrible Towel being held aloft on the White Continent. Well,  my friend, Elise Larsen, the Oceanites researcher, is back there, on the Lindblad ship, The National Geographic Explorer. She was at the AFC Championship game, had a great time, and took her towel with her on this trip to the bottom of the planet. I asked her to send me a new photo of her with the Towel, so I could keep the routine going. I just got it–so here’s hoping the Towel, being transported to the ends of the earth, will weave it’s magic.Myron  would be so tickled by all of this, and touched by the wonderful tribute poem his dear partner, Billy Hillgrove, read on the air in our last special Saturday night. We love and miss  you, Myron Cope. 



pete-towel2Can you see all the penguins in the background!!!!!???????


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