Western Pennsylvanians In The Alps

It is more beautiful than any of us could have imagined. A trip into the Tyrolean region of Austria, and Bavaria, with a climactic viewing of the historic Passion Play in Oberammergau. The trip is with the Wisconsin company, Holiday Vacations, and WTAE, which advertised to people in our region months ago. I am representing the station as a host for 30 Western Pennsylvanians–and these three from left to right are Ann Wollman and Carol and Don Inman. All from Beaver Falls . Not shown is Ann’s husband, Dave, who was also taking a photo of the group. h This is our first afternoon in Austria, and this is Kitzbuhel, where we are staying for four nights. It is the famous ski resort, which, in the end of summer, is still a gorgeous vacation spot. I have never seen the Alps before, and their grandeur leaves you speechless. These are the mountains Wilde Kaiser, not far from Kitzbuhel, where the Austrian resistance fighters hid in caves during WWII. It was our second day out, on the way to Innsbruck–the site of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics.

My sister, Marcia Hersey, and I, in keeping with the Olympic spirit, visited the Olympic ski jump site, where there is now a cafe. It is still the site of world ski jumping competitions, and a training facility. It had one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. And this is a view of the Olympic torch.

Prior to our ski jump excursion, our whole group gathered in the Old Town, where our Innsbruck guide, Eva,

gave us an hilarious account of the days of Emperor Maximilian and the Holy Roman Empire in Innsbruck’s cultural heyday in the 15th and 16th century. This roof you see is real gold. The beauty of  this region is only rivalled by its rich and fascinating history. And we are all highly entertained, and well-fed–of course!!!!


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