A Pepsi Refresher for Turtles

It is a bit of a lovable face, and, thanks to a lot of you out there, you will see more of them here in Pittsburgh. This is a rescued sea turtle from the Gulf Oil spill, being worked on at an Audubon facility outside New Orleans. This past summer, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium veterinarian, Dr. Ginger Takle spent  two weeks down there rehabilitating the struggling animals. WTAE Channel Four Action News did a story about her efforts, and the Zoo’s application for a grant to rehab more of the sea turtles at our PPG Aquarium . The $25,000 grant  was the Pepsi Refresh Grant, part of the soft drink company’s “Do Good in the Gulf Effort.”  We placed a link to the voting on thepittsburghchannel.com, and when we checked the next day, the Zoo was leading in the voting for the grant, thanks, in part, to you guys watching and taking action!!!!

Here is a link to the winning announcement:http://gulf.refresheverything.com/seaturtlespghzoo

The Zoo & PPG Aquarium is a partner in the Sea Turtle Second Chance program. It allows the Aquarium to expand its sea turtle facilities to help the Gulf facilities that are overwhelmed with the growing number of turtles affected by the spill. Here’s a quote from the Zoo’s press release, from assistant curator, Allen McDowell. “We can take sea turtles not directly affected by the oil spill, but who still need care and rehabilitative support and provide a home for them, freeing up space and medical staff to concentrate on the more urgent care of sea turtles affected by the oil spill…If they can be released back into the wild that is great. If not, they will have a home at the PPG Aquarium.”

And you will be able to see them through large viewing windows, to the left of the Aquarium entrance.  Know that you who voted after seeing and reading about the plight of this endangered species deserve a huge “thank you.”


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