Behind The Scenes At Elections

It has occurred to me, that if I am going to take pictures with a smartphone, doing it with two hands, and steadying the camera would be a good idea. I think I have a stabilization program, but , in the heat of live appearances, Live Wire entries on, checking latest numbers on the website, and cruising the watch party food and sneaking crackers (the food is for the guests, not the media), I forgot.

This is Congressman Joe Sestak. Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat. The fact that I have to explain that raises serious questions about my photojournalism skills. The vantage point does show what the shot would have looked like if I had not stood on a chair for my TV appearances later in the night, like this reporter from WCAU in Philadelphia. Now, if you are interviewing someone from the campaign, it is dicey, and impolite to ask them to stand on the same chair–so, you have to find another chair, or just stand on the floor, and disregard what your background looks like. The cameras, by the way, are all in a line on the riser, as you can see from this photo.

This is Suzanne Malveaux, the White House correspondent for CNN. Her presence was an indicator of how important the national media regarded this race between Sestak, a former Navy Vice Admiral, and Republican Pat Toomey. I had posted this picture to our LiveWire blogging site, but somehow, the way in which I held the iPhone camera was misinterpreted by the Scribblelive site, and turned it sideways. I corrected it by turning the phone around, but then, in my confusion, started turning the phone upside down. I was unaware, because the photos looked fine when  I emailed them, complete with text, to the site. It was only when I checked our email from the bosses at the station, that I learned they were all upside down. So they were deleting my photos and entries. Then my phone ran out of battery, so I switched to the iPad, but can’t take pictures with that. What amazes me, is that, with all the technology, it seems even MORE  can go wrong. But, I must admit, it is kinda fun trying to keep up to technological speed with young campaign workers like these.  And in the end, that is what it is about. The people who step up, both young and old, and become part of the process. Democrat, Republican, Independent. At this watch party in the Philly suburbs, their candidate lost. But they won by getting involved, and are better for it. I wish more of us in this country would do so, because it can only enhance our cherished freedoms.


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