Hines And Kym Are All 9’s

It has been 10 days since I took this photo of Hines and Kym–at their practice in Pittsburgh–exhausted during their whirlwind tour of the city and several charity functions. 

They were practicing for the paso doble, which he and Kym nailed last Monday, in my humble and uneducated opinion.

The studio audience made it’s displeasure known when they only got one nine, but the judges made up for it this week with the “patriotic” rumba. THREE –Count them–THREE 9’s!!!!Now they are firmly ensconced atop the leader board. I also have learned that the show’s producers are quite impressed with the Steeler Nation fan base voting for Hines, so keep it up, Black and Gold!

And speaking of Black and Gold, this was Coach Tomlin, his wife, Kiya, meeting Kym Johnson at the Mel Blount Youth Home Roast of Jerome Bettis. The VIP reception was a madhouse as people scrambled to get photos of the Dancing Stars. Hines’s manager, Andy Ree, was astounded by the reaction,

and the ABC publicist assigned  to Hines, who just happend to be a crazy Hines Ward fan, was blown away and standing there wide-eyed.  This is she, Sylvia Do,  sitting with Hines and Kym as they prepare for practice when they were in the Burgh!

And going back to Kiya Tomlin–did you spot her in the front VIP section with Greta Rooney, wife of Steeler President Art Rooney? Waving their Terrible Towels before the judges went all 9 on them! 

And can you imagine the delight of this woman, Karen Lewis, of Butler, Butler County, who won Hines raffle on his Facebook Page that benefited his Helping Hand Foundation? She and her husband John, were on vacation in the Napa Valley, when she got word she won the two tickets, and a stay at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel, to see both Monday, and Tuesday night. I talked to her before the show, and she was so excited. She and her husband, who is president of Armstrong Memorial Hospital, got to talk to Hines in his trailer before the competition, and she texted me right after the show, saying, “It was absolutely incredible!!So much fun and lifelong memories.”

And you can bet Hines is remembering this performance. He was nervous about one move, but Kym put him through his paces, and he was so subtle, that he was spectacular! And the uniform—what a fabulous choice by Kym!

But the best part–Hines’ raffle netted 25 thousand dollars for his Helping Hands Foundation, which is why Karen donated and got the raffle tickets in the first place. A foundation that helps ensure the future success of biracial kids in Korea and children in this country.

Vote Hines!!!!


5 Responses

  1. Sally,

    I am happily amazed to discover your blog via the WTAE site. Thanks also for the updates on Hines Ward in DWTS. I’m glad he’s on the show and is actually doing well, proving that anyone who says they can’t dance, actually can through hard work and an amazing teacher in Kym. It’s also cool that his presence on the show gets people to discover something different than what they are used to, or to find interest in something so outside of their comfort zone like ballroom dance. Anyway, thanks for taking time out to make this blog. I’ve always been a fan, and look forward to reading future posts!

    • I so agree, but Hines really has what it takes to be a great dancer!!!He has an amazing memory, and great hip action, and he works really hard. He is also got a lot of dramatic flair when you watch him on the football field. I can’t wait to see him perform every week. And I have known him since he was a rookie. You have come a long way, baby!!!

  2. Totally! He has great rhythm which is separating him from the pack! And it doesn’t hurt that he’s an all-around nice guy and he’s the complete package as a football player! I want to say he’ll win the competition, but being a superstitious Steeler fan since birth, I dont want to jinx anything. Go Hines Go!

  3. Yes, we don’t want to jinx him!

  4. Hey Sally!
    Miss your posts on your blog. Was especially looking foward to posts later in the Dancing with the Stars season when all of those crazy things were happening. Funny how we didn’t want to jinx Hines and Kym, and yet they stillwon! So proud of them both! Before it was just Hines but now I know how much Kym is just as tough a fighter as he is! They deserved the win! Hope to see them celebrate the trophy in the Burgh soon. Anyway, Looking forward to your future posts, know you’re busy of course running around! Take care!

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