Here In Los Angeles With Hines And Kym

I am writing this the day after I visited Hines and Kym at their practice studio in Los Angeles.
Exhausted, after practicing for three days on not one–but two dances for Monday night. None of us could  have known what had happened thousands of miles away, in Pakistan.  Hines would say this. It puts Dancing, football, and entertainment, in perspective. Looking back, Hines and Kym choosing “I Am Proud To Be An American” for their song was so appropriate–for today, and for his life as a great football player, and now, yes, an entertainer. He is a bi-racial American, whose mother was Korean. She came to the country to give her son the best life, and that son maximized every opportunity that has ever been given to him.
 I don’t know if something will be said on the show tonight about the brave Navy Seals who risked their lives to kill Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps it is not an appropriate venue. But when is it now appropriate to recognize the special men and women who make us safe, and make us able to enjoy the fun that Dancing With The Stars has provided. I will blog tomorrow about the show tonight, and what it was like to sit in the audience, with Hines’ manager , Andrew Ree–right up front . Can’t wait, but I won’t be able to take photos, because they take our cell phones and cameras.
By the way, the couple showed off their tango, and it was mesmerizing. Can’t wait to see the team cha-cha!!!

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